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Finish Treatments

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Click on a finish to view a larger finish chip with information.


Cherry Peppercorn
Cherry Cappuccino
Cherry Tumbleweed
Cherry Natural
Cherry Sandalwood
Cherry Pecan
Cherry Amaretto
Cherry Rumberry
Cherry Chestnut
Cherry Sangria
Cherry Ginger Snap
Cherry Brandywine
Cherry Espresso
Cherry Smoke
Cherry Onyx
Hickory Champagne
Hickory Natural
Hickory Sandalwood
Hickory Pecan
Hickory Tumbleweed
Hickory Rumberry
Hickory Amaretto
Hickory Sangria
Hickory Smoke
Knotty Alder Peppercorn
Knotty Alder Cappuccino
Knotty Alder Natural
Knotty Alder Tumbleweed
Knotty Alder Sandalwood
Knotty Alder Hazelnut
Knotty Alder Rumberry
Knotty Alder Chestnut
Knotty Alder Walnut
Knotty Alder Sangria
Knotty Alder Amaretto
Knotty Alder Smoke
Knotty Alder Onyx
Maple Champagne
Maple Natural
Maple Tumbleweed
Maple Sandalwood
Maple Hazelnut
Maple Chestnut
Maple Rumberry
Maple Amaretto
Maple Sangria
Maple Ginger Snap
Maple Brandywine
Maple Smoke
Maple Onyx
Oak Peppercorn
Oak Cappuccino
Oak Champagne
Oak Natural
Oak Tumbleweed
Oak Sandalwood
Oak Hazelnut
Oak Pecan
Oak Rumberry
Oak Amaretto
Oak Sangria
Oak Walnut
Oak Smoke
Oak Espresso
Oak Onyx
Quartersawn Oak Peppercorn
Quartersawn Oak Cappuccino
Quartersawn Oak Champagne
Quartersawn Oak Natural
Quartersawn Oak Hazelnut
Quartersawn Oak Tumbleweed
Quartersawn Oak Pecan
Quartersawn Oak Sandalwood
Quartersawn Oak Chestnut
Quartersawn Oak Rumberry
Quartersawn Oak Amaretto
Quartersawn Oak Sangria
Quartersawn Oak Smoke
Quartersawn Oak Walnut
Quartersawn Oak Onyx
Reconstituted Heartwood Tumbleweed
Reconstituted Heartwood Natural
Reconstituted Heartwood Sandalwood
Reconstituted Heartwood Pecan
Reconstituted Heartwood Rumberry
Reconstituted Heartwood Chestnut
Reconstituted Heartwood Amaretto
Reconstituted Heartwood Ginger Snap
Reconstituted Heartwood Brandywine
Reconstituted Heartwood Smoke
Reconstituted Heartwood Espresso
Reconstituted Heartwood Onyx
Reconstituted Whitewood Natural
Reconstituted Whitewood Tumbleweed
Reconstituted Whitewood Sandalwood
Reconstituted Whitewood Hazelnut
Reconstituted Whitewood Rumberry
Reconstituted Whitewood Chestnut
Reconstituted Whitewood Ginger Snap
Reconstituted Whitewood Amaretto
Reconstituted Whitewood Brandywine
Reconstituted Whitewood Espresso
Reconstituted Whitewood Onyx
Straight-Grain Red Oak Peppercorn
Straight-Grain Red Oak Cappuccino
Straight-Grain Red Oak Champagne
Straight-Grain Red Oak Natural
Straight-Grain Red Oak Tumbleweed
Straight-Grain Red Oak Hazelnut
Straight-Grain Red Oak Pecan
Straight-Grain Red Oak Sandalwood
Straight-Grain Red Oak Chestnut
Straight-Grain Red Oak Rumberry
Straight-Grain Red Oak Amaretto
Straight-Grain Red Oak Sangria
Straight-Grain Red Oak Walnut
Straight-Grain Red Oak Smoke
Straight-Grain Red Oak Onyx


Acrylic White Dahlia
Acrylic Gardenia
Acrylic Charcoal Gray
Acrylic Cornflower Blue
Acrylic Imperial Red
Acrylic Carbon Black

Textured Melamine

Textured Melamine Silver Moss
Textured Melamine Driftwood
Textured Melamine Desert Wood
Textured Melamine Tobacco

Premium Veneers

Premium Veneers Beech Natural
Premium Veneers Bamboo Natural
Premium Veneers Rosewood Natural
Premium Veneers Wenge Natural


Thermofoil Golden Applewood
Thermofoil Honeysuckle Cherry
Thermofoil Tigereye Walnut
Thermofoil Amber Walnut
Thermofoil Kona Oak


Thermofoil Polar
Thermofoil Dune


Thermofoil Whitecap
Thermofoil Pearl
Thermofoil Seafoam Green Metallic
Thermofoil Brushed Sterling
Thermofoil Ruby Red
Thermofoil Marine Blue Metallic
Thermofoil Midnight


Cherry Peppercorn Ebony Glaze
Cherry Cappuccino Burnt Sienna Glaze
Cherry Natural Burnt Sienna Glaze
Cherry Tumbleweed Frost Glaze
Cherry Tumbleweed Burnt Sienna Glaze
Cherry Sandalwood Burnt Sienna Glaze
Cherry Pecan Frost Glaze
Cherry Pecan Burnt Sienna Glaze
Cherry Harvest Bronze Ebony Glaze
Cherry Amaretto Ebony Glaze
Cherry Rumberry Ebony Glaze
Cherry Ginger Snap Ebony Glaze
Cherry Eagle Rock Sable Glaze
Cherry Smoke Ebony Glaze
Cherry Brandywine Ebony Glaze
Hickory Tumbleweed Frost Glaze
Hickory Tumbleweed Burnt Sienna Glaze
Hickory Sandalwood Burnt Sienna Glaze
Hickory Rumberry Ebony Glaze
Hickory Amaretto Ebony Glaze
Hickory Smoke Ebony Glaze
Knotty Alder Peppercorn Ebony Glaze
Knotty Alder Cappuccino Burnt Sienna Glaze
Knotty Alder Natural Frost Glaze
Knotty Alder Tumbleweed Frost Glaze
Knotty Alder Natural Burnt Sienna Glaze
Knotty Alder Tumbleweed Burnt Sienna Glaze
Knotty Alder Sandalwood Burnt Sienna Glaze
Knotty Alder Hazelnut Burnt Sienna Glaze
Knotty Alder Harvest Bronze Ebony Glaze
Knotty Alder Chestnut Ebony Glaze
Knotty Alder Rumberry Ebony Glaze
Knotty Alder Amaretto Ebony Glaze
Knotty Alder Smoke Ebony Glaze
Maple Morel Raw Umber Glaze
Maple Champagne Burnt Sienna Glaze
Maple Natural Burnt Sienna Glaze
Maple Tumbleweed Burnt Sienna Glaze
Maple Tumbleweed Frost Glaze
Maple Hazelnut Burnt Sienna Glaze
Maple Sandalwood Burnt Sienna Glaze
Maple Harvest Bronze Ebony Glaze
Maple Chestnut Frost Glaze
Maple Rumberry Ebony Glaze
Maple Amaretto Ebony Glaze
Maple Ginger Snap Ebony Glaze
Maple Smoke Ebony Glaze
Maple Eagle Rock Sable Glaze
Maple Brandywine Ebony Glaze
Oak Peppercorn Ebony Glaze
Oak Cappuccino Burnt Sienna Glaze
Oak Natural Frost Glaze
Oak Tumbleweed Burnt Sienna Glaze
Oak Tumbleweed Frost Glaze
Oak Sandalwood Burnt Sienna Glaze
Oak Harvest Bronze Ebony Glaze
Oak Amaretto Ebony Glaze
Oak Rumberry Ebony Glaze
Oak Smoke Ebony Glaze
Quartersawn Oak Tumbleweed Frost Glaze
Quartersawn Oak Tumbleweed Burnt Sienna Glaze
Quartersawn Oak Sandalwood Burnt Sienna Glaze
Quartersawn Oak Rumberry Ebony Glaze
Quartersawn Oak Smoke Ebony Glaze
MDF Morel Raw Umber Glaze


Maple White Icing Pewter Highlight
Maple Divinity Pewter Highlight
Maple White Chocolate Pewter Highlight
Maple Irish Creme Pewter Highlight
Maple Chai Latte Pewter Highlight


Cherry Carriage Black Heirloom
Hickory Carriage Black Classic
Hickory Carriage Black Heirloom
Knotty Alder Carriage Black Heirloom
Maple White Icing Classic
Maple Divinity Classic
Maple Morel Heirloom
Maple White Chocolate Classic
Maple Irish Creme Classic
Maple Chai Latte Classic
Maple Bliss Classic
Maple Carriage Black Classic
Maple Carriage Black Heirloom
Oak Carriage Black Classic
Oak Carriage Black Heirloom
Quartersawn Oak Carriage Black Classic
Quartersawn Oak Carriage Black Heirloom
MDF Divinity Classic
MDF White Icing Classic
MDF White Chocolate Classic
MDF Irish Creme Classic
MDF Chai Latte Classic
MDF Bliss Classic
MDF Carriage Black Classic


Cherry Appaloosa
Cherry Vineyard
Knotty Alder Appaloosa
Knotty Alder Vineyard
Maple Cottage White Coastal
Maple Castle Rock Coastal
Maple Castle Rock Sheer
Maple Harbor Mist Coastal
Maple Harbor Mist Sheer
Maple Islander Coastal
Maple Islander Sheer
Maple Appaloosa
Maple Seagrass Coastal
Maple Seagrass Sheer
Maple Vineyard
Oak Cottage White Coastal
Oak Cottage White Sheer
Oak Castle Rock Coastal
Oak Castle Rock Sheer
Oak Harbor Mist Coastal
Oak Harbor Mist Sheer
Oak Islander Coastal
Oak Islander Sheer
Oak Seagrass Coastal
Oak Seagrass Sheer
Oak Vineyard
Quartersawn Oak Cottage White Coastal
Quartersawn Oak Cottage White Sheer
Quartersawn Oak Castle Rock Coastal
Quartersawn Oak Castle Rock Sheer
Quartersawn Oak Harbor Mist Coastal
Quartersawn Oak Harbor Mist Sheer
Quartersawn Oak Islander Coastal
Quartersawn Oak Islander Sheer
Quartersawn Oak Seagrass Coastal
Quartersawn Oak Seagrass Sheer
Quartersawn Oak Vineyard
Reconstituted Whitewood Cottage White Coastal
Reconstituted Whitewood Castle Rock Coastal
Reconstituted Whitewood Castle Rock Sheer
Reconstituted Whitewood Harbor Mist Coastal
Reconstituted Whitewood Harbor Mist Sheer
Reconstituted Whitewood Islander Coastal
Reconstituted Whitewood Islander Sheer
Reconstituted Whitewood Seagrass Coastal
Reconstituted Whitewood Seagrass Sheer
Straight-Grain Red Oak Cottage White Coastal
Straight-Grain Red Oak Cottage White Sheer
Straight-Grain Red Oak Castle Rock Coastal
Straight-Grain Red Oak Castle Rock Sheer
Straight-Grain Red Oak Harbor Mist Coastal
Straight-Grain Red Oak Harbor Mist Sheer
Straight-Grain Red Oak Islander Coastal
Straight-Grain Red Oak Islander Sheer
Straight-Grain Red Oak Seagrass Coastal
Straight-Grain Red Oak Seagrass Sheer


Cherry Legacy Distressing
Cherry Antique Distressing
Knotty Alder Legacy Distressing
Knotty Alder Antique Distressing
Maple Legacy Distressing
Maple Antique Distressing