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More Space

What would you do with more space?

Wherever you need more space, InnerMost can help make the most of the space you have. The innovative InnerMost construction means more space inside every cabinet and every drawer. So go ahead, store more in your kitchen, clear-up clutter in the office and gain space in your bath. InnerMost will help you make the most of every inch.

How much more can you store?

An InnerMost 10 ft. x 10 ft. kitchen has approximately: 8,790 MORE cubic inches than a traditional framed kitchen.

8,790 Cubic inches equals enough space to fit the contents of 6 MORE BAGS OF GROCERIES!

Up to 60% more drawer space.

With up to 60% more drawer space, InnerMost can store so much more. By eliminating the bulky front face frame, our drawers are wider and have more clearance at the top and sides to store larger items. With more drawer space, larger cooking utensils like spatulas, ladles and tongs are easier to store and organize.

InnerMost drawer with 60% more space   Traditional drawer construction
InnerMost construction
    Traditional framed construction

An INCH MORE Depth in every wall cabinet.

Our wall cabinets are 13 inches deep, an inch deeper than a traditional framed cabinet. That extra inch really adds up. It's equivalent to an another row of glasses. And better yet, without a traditional cabinet front face frame, it's easier to store and remove large items like an oversized platter.

traditional design theme

Traditional: Refined and timeless, traditional styles showcase classic architectural details such as stacked crown molding, split posts, arched valances and decorative turned legs. Medium to dark wood finishes are perfectly at home in a traditional design and are often paired with paints and glazes, such as Amaretto Ebony glaze or Oyster Vintage paint. InnerMost offers traditional styles that bring warmth and character to a variety of looks ranging from the simple to the sophisticated.

transitional design theme

Transitional: A transitional style blends elements of traditional with contemporary. If you love classic details, consider new shapes with clean contemporary lines such as a Whitney corbel in place of the Acanthus Corbel, or a Tapered Decorative Foot in place of the Curved French Foot. Many designers add a fresh, unexpected color, such as Bliss Classic paint, to a traditional room to achieve a distinctive transitional style. InnerMost updates your favorite looks with a new twist for today's transitional style.

contemporary design theme

Contemporary: Contemporary styles feature minimal detailing for a crisp, clean look. Without competition from decorative lines and fussy accessories, color and shape take center stage in contemporary design. Choice of materials and finishes can bring everything from the bold look of Marine Blue Metallic in Thermofoil or the warmth of a rich Exotic Caramelized Bamboo to a contemporary space. InnerMost has the styles, woods, colors and options to create your ideal vision of contemporary.