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Installation ingenuity.

InnerMost is designed with details to meet the needs of the installer, assuring the easiest, most accurate installation. The result is a stronger, unified structure made up of integrated cabinetry components, not just individual cabinets mounted side by side.

InnerMost is engineered for high-speed installation, with less chance of accidental damage to cabinets and hardware. Put the components together, hang the structure, check that it’s perfectly-aligned, and you’re done, ready for the next job! InnerMost installation takes less time to keep the project within budget.

  • No Conversion Necessary — InnerMost is measured in inches, so it's easy to integrate your design or installation with standard measurements for appliances, sinks and other elements in the kitchen or bath. No additional calculations required.
  • Exclusive Innermost Hanging Rail — Provides superior strength at the critical point where the cabinet is screwed to the wall. The glued rail becomes an integrated component of the lightweight cabinet structure. Other glued hanging systems are heavier and less effective.
  • Full-contact Cabinet-to-cabinet Structure — When InnerMost cabinets are joined, all sides are touching, front-to-back and top-to-bottom, resulting in a strong, solid structure when attached to the wall. Traditional framed cabinets are only attached at the face frame which means less contact.
  • “Build First, Then Hang” — With InnerMost, you save time by connecting all cabinets on the floor, where components are easier to work with, and you can easily make sure the resulting structure is flat, square and level. The entire assembled structure is then lifted and attached to the wall. With traditional framed cabinets, each cabinet is attached to the wall one at a time, in a slower process requiring frequent adjustments to achieve proper alignment.
  • Innermost Clip-on Hinges — Easy clip-off/clip-on design makes removing and re-attaching doors during installation faster and easier. Six-way adjustability makes it easier to properly align doors. Framed cabinets generally require time-consuming removal of screws to take doors off. Failure to remove doors can result in damaged doors and hinges.
traditional design theme

Traditional: Refined and timeless, traditional styles showcase classic architectural details such as stacked crown molding, split posts, arched valances and decorative turned legs. Medium to dark wood finishes are perfectly at home in a traditional design and are often paired with paints and glazes, such as Amaretto Ebony glaze or Oyster Vintage paint. InnerMost offers traditional styles that bring warmth and character to a variety of looks ranging from the simple to the sophisticated.

transitional design theme

Transitional: A transitional style blends elements of traditional with contemporary. If you love classic details, consider new shapes with clean contemporary lines such as a Whitney corbel in place of the Acanthus Corbel, or a Tapered Decorative Foot in place of the Curved French Foot. Many designers add a fresh, unexpected color, such as Bliss Classic paint, to a traditional room to achieve a distinctive transitional style. InnerMost updates your favorite looks with a new twist for today's transitional style.

contemporary design theme

Contemporary: Contemporary styles feature minimal detailing for a crisp, clean look. Without competition from decorative lines and fussy accessories, color and shape take center stage in contemporary design. Choice of materials and finishes can bring everything from the bold look of Marine Blue Metallic in Thermofoil or the warmth of a rich Exotic Caramelized Bamboo to a contemporary space. InnerMost has the styles, woods, colors and options to create your ideal vision of contemporary.